GSWA Service Fees


Customer Type

Service Fees

Community Benefit
Premium **

Commercial (per ton) * $171.60 $3.57
Residential (per month) $30.00 $0.38
Residential (per month) Second Trash Cart $15.00 $0.00
Residential Per Excess Bag Sticker $4.00 $0.00
Residential Transfer Station Trash Minimum $7.50 $0.00
Household Hazardous Waste Free $0.00
Recycling Free $0.00
Bulky Waste Collection for Current Customers 2 free collections per year; above 2 is $25.00 per collection $0.00
Bulky Waste Collection for Non-Customers $25.00 per collection  $0.00

* Effective commercial rate is $156 per ton when haulers pay on time, electronically use ACH, and do not use Public Law 25-93.

** GovGuam passed a law authorizing the Public Utilities Commission to implement a Community Benefit Premium to be distributed to the villages that hosts the Ordot Dump and the Layon Landfill respectively.